0.5mm Macaron color Press Type Black Gel Pen


The Macaron Press Gel Pen is a stylish and functional writing instrument that combines the convenience of a gel pen with the precision of a press mechanism. Macaron-inspired colors and smooth gel ink offers a delightful writing experience. Whether you’re taking notes, journaling, or doodling, the Macaron Press Gel Pen is a reliable and fashionable choice for all your writing needs.

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  • Smooth Gel Ink: The Macaron Press Gel Pen features a smooth gel ink that glides effortlessly on paper, providing a seamless writing experience.
  • Press Mechanism: With its convenient press mechanism, this pen allows for easy usage.
  • Vibrant Macaron-Inspired Colors: Available in macaron-inspired colors, this pen adds a touch of fun and style to your writing or artwork.
  • Reliable and Durable: Macaron Press Gel Pen is designed with durability in mind, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.
0.5mm Macaron Press Black Gel Pen(5in1) spec


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